Peace Concert

Wahid Boctor with Egypt's President Anwar Sadat

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June 21, 1979

"LOS ANGELES (UPI) Egyptian President Anwar Sadat will be host for an international peace concert at Mount Sinai in the Sinai Desert in November, concert producers said Wednesday. Producers Mitchell Koth and Gabriel Wahid Boctor said the concert, to be played for various heads of state including Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin, will be Nov. 19. The producers said they have written confirmation from Sadat s office and the U.S. State Department. French filmmaker Roger Vadim is to be artistic producer and director of the concert and performers from several countries including France's Marcel Marceau. will appear. "This concert will not only serve as a celebration of the first step toward peace in the Middle East." Koth said, "but will give voice to the international entertainment communi- Too happy? Ingrid Bergman's daughter, Isabella Rossellini, said she feels that people are disappointed at her happiness, and expect her to be troubled and maladjusted as a result of her parents' scandal ridden relationship. ly's desire for peace in the world."